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This is what an opening track should sound like. Rakim immediately sets the tone for the rest of the album (and his career) with this brilliant song. After dropping their first two classic tracks – “Eric B Is President” and “My Melody” – in 1986 ,  Eric B & Rakim really raised the bar in 1987 with Paid In Full – one of the top albums in all of Hip Hop’s history.

On April 12, 2007 . stated that he was just about done with his . vs. .P. album. He's stated already that he recorded with Eminem, Nelly and Ciara among ...

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. vs. is a concept LP on which the rapper uses both sides of himself — the suave, level-minded CEO and the 'hood-friendly former dope boy — to express his thoughts on everything from the Grammy Awards to sideways-talking bustas to making dough. Sometimes the two sides duel, and occasionally you'll catch them on the same track. More often than not, though, each personality gets his own song. "Big Shit Poppin'" showcases the Grammy winner rapping in his grittier . persona. Dominated '06 and I'm going right back," he rhymes. also says he's "doing it" for his children, family and friends. [8] On March 1, 2007 . stated that all the albums prior to this one, . would work harder to make the album, . would work harder to sell it," he said. On . vs. — a conceptual LP about his life — they battle each other on six tracks. Another third of the project is dedicated solely to . and the remainder goes to . "This is my life, this is the struggle I had to go through to bring myself to release another album," said ., who lost both his newborn daughter and personal assistant within the last year. "After all the stuff I went through following the success of King, it took a lot to even muster the effort or even care enough about the world outside my circle to even care about doing another album. "All I did was take notes and record it along the way," . reflected. [9]

While UTFO no longer operates as a group, they are all still very active in their fields. Doc is currently back to dancing for Whodini while also pursuing his solo career. Mixmaster Ice DJs in Columbus, Ohio and around the world. Kangol Kid still writes and produces. With Shaunda Lumpkin he founded The Mama Luke Foundation, hip hop's weapon against Breast Cancer. [ citation needed ]

UTFO - Bite ItUTFO - Bite ItUTFO - Bite ItUTFO - Bite It